400th College Visited!

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Carolyn Mulligan, the principal of Insiders Network to College, just visited her 400th college on a recent Texas tour. She recorded this milestone in her 13th year as a private college counselor. “Putting boots on the campuses,” taking the tours and meeting with admissions officers / regional representatives is a critical component of her counseling process. “The essence of my business is finding the right match for each student,” says Mulligan. “This entails developing a target list that blends the needs of my students with the colleges where they have a good chance of being accepted. My clients normally apply to 8 or 10 schools, which include the full spectrum from highly likely to reaches.”


Visiting 400 colleges is quite an accomplishment. You would need to spend over 9 months to hit this number if you saw 10 colleges a week. This accomplishment does not include Carolyn’s several return visits to many campuses over her 13-year career. Campuses and programs of study evolve and change over time. The visits, combined with attending local and regional conferences plus meeting the regional representatives as they visit local high schools during the school year has helped Carolyn find the right match for the hundreds of students she’s worked with over the years.


Carolyn works with her exclusive list of clients and manages all aspects of the college search. She brings a nurturing touch to the process as she endeavors to do her best for each student. “The procedure is complicated and has many dimensions that need to be addressed. My corporate logo is a labyrinth. It’s not a maze. It’s complicated but if you follow the path there’s success at the end. I’m there every step of the way to get my students to the college they may never have thought of but may be just the right place.”