Services: Counseling, Coaching, and Preparation

What are you looking for in the college experience? We begin by helping you to identify and articulate what you want, which is an essential first step in narrowing down where you might want to go to school. We then work with you to gain an appreciation of your unique attributes. This includes looking at your high school curriculum, extracurricular activities, test scores, and other special interests.

This understanding, combined with our knowledge of the more than 300 colleges and universities we've actually visited in person, enables us to develop a tailored list of potential schools for you. We stay with you through every phase of the application process, including preparing a non-traditional resume, reviewing and practicing interview questions, brainstorming essay topics and critiquing the essay itself - and perhaps most critically, working with you to make your final application "pop."

College Research

We research the offerings and facilities of colleges and universities by personal visits combined with the added expertise of professional colleagues all over the USA and Canada. We formulate balanced college lists that are tailored to the needs of each student. A special interest of Insiders Network is to provide LD students and those with ADD/ADHD with up-to-date information about student services, accommodations, and specific programs and their staffing.


Essays offer students a chance to make their voices heard on the application. We will challenge them to self-investigation and brainstorm topics which reflect their authentic voices.

Interviewing Skills

Our one-on-one sessions with students help prepare them for interviews, a critical component of the college application process. This includes a mock interview with potential questions that a student might encounter as well as what to expect during a campus tour and visit.

Application Preparation

We guide students through the college application process. This includes meeting deadlines, and proofreading the final application. We also advise students on standardized testing options and optimal testing schedules.

Resume Writing

We work with students to develop an effective resume. The resume is used to a)provide a summary of the applicant's background to supplement the college application, b) help teachers formulate strong letters of recommendation, and c) provide a framework to present to admissions staff during the campus or alumni interview.


We track and interact with college students who used our services to ensure the college they selected delivers the support services enumerated in the application and selection process.

The counseling, coaching and preparation from Insider's Network can help pinpoint the schools that offer the best fit for you, and maximize your chances of being accepted. Contact us to get started on this exciting process of discovery.