Purdue University To Become Common App Exclusive

At a November 14, 2012 Counselor Breakfast, Territory Manager, Terry Gilbert, announced that “The Boilermakers” will join the Common Application for the Fall of 2014.  They will be following a similar institution, The Ohio State University, who are using the Common App for the first time during the current admissions round.  This will probably increase Purdue’s applications numbers which were 30,903 for an enrollment yield of 6,291 freshmen in 2012.

Quick Tip for Seniors and Common Application Supplements

From our friends at the Common Application…….
Many member institutions will finalize their 2012-13 supplements before the August 1 launch of Common App Online. Students who want to get a head start on those essays can contact the colleges directly and inquire about next year’s topics. And remember: the main Common App essay questions are not changing for next year.  In case you want to do a bit of research for schools you know you are going to be applying to, I found this to be very interesting news…..just another tid-bit!

Mulligan Visits Endicott College

Prior to the IECA Conference this May, I had the opportunity to visit Endicott College in Beverly, MA, just 20 miles from Boston situated on a scenic oceanfront campus. This school of 2300 men and women is the first college in the United States to require internships in every program of study and this makes them unique.  They cross-app with many of the co-op institutions like Drexel University and Northeastern but are unique in that their students do not have to attend school for five years to get three internship experiences under their belts before graduation.  Two take place in their January semesters freshman and sophomore years, and the third takes place traditionally first semester senior year four out of five days of the week with one day of classroom work.  Most popular majors are Business, Science, Education, Humanities, Nursing, Art and Hospitality Management.  They also have a “top-down” curriculum, much like Champlain College in Vermont, where students get into their majors immediately freshman year, thus letting them see right away if the major is right for them.

The school’s mascot is the Gull and their colors are green and blue, much like the ocean waves right at the foot of the campus.  There are traditional dorms as well as rooms in old Victorian mansions, very beautiful. 83% of students live on campus.  The town of Beverly is a quaint New England town but Boston is very accessible by taking the “T” shuttle.  No Greek life exists but there is a vibrant social life anyway.  They participate in NCAA Division III Commonwealth Coast Conference sports in twelve areas. A 2,200-seat stadium with a synthetic turf field and a state-of-the-art softball complex are the most recent additions to their athletic facilities. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers professional and peer tutors and an array of student-centered services tailored to meet specific academic needs across the disciplines.  The Student Support Program is a for-fee professional service offering consultation on a twice-weekly basis for both documented and undocumented students.  It is amazing and has been in place at Endicott for over 20 years.

A new Life Sciences and Business and Technology Center is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2013. I consider Endicott College to be a truly hidden gem in the New England area!

American University Decides To Add Second Round of Early Decision

For the first time this year, American University has decided to add a second round of Early Decision, read the details here……. click this link