College of William and Mary

col-of-william-and-mary1stCollege of William and Mary – Williamsburg, VA

col-of-william-and-mary2Located in the shadow of colonial Williamsburg is the historic campus of William and Mary. It is the second oldest college in the United States but is also a cutting-edge research university so it has the best of both worlds. It is also one of the 8 “Public Ivies” in our nation and is quite a selective institution. Thomas Jefferson is the most famous alum and went on to found the University of Virginia after graduating from William and Mary but the school will always lay first claim to “TJ” as they fondly call him. Other famous alums are Jon Stewart, Glenn Close, James Monroe, Mike Tomlin and Robert Gates to name just a few. The Wren Building, one of the oldest college buildings in the US, has been gutted three times due to fire and other devastation. It continues to be used for academic purposes, and the courtyard is the venue for freshman Orientation and Convocation. It is amazing. The Sunken Gardens in the center of campus are occupied by students in the warmer weather for recreation but are also the site for the Kings and Queens Ball where students dress up formally and gather together for a regal dance there. Traditions at William and Mary often involve hot chocolate and scones and are among the many reasons why students love coming to this school.