Lunch with Max

Carolyn, Max and Sondra

I had the opportunity recently to catch up with Max Giaccone, one of my prior students, who recently graduated from the University of New Haven with a degree in Music Business. Max lost his dad, Joseph, who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald in the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. His dad imbued Max with an incredible love for music, and even though Max does not play an instrument, he always managed his friends’ bands and went to concerts non-stop during his high school career. Our challenge in looking for colleges, and Music Business programs, was to find schools which didn’t require auditions in order to apply for the major. University of New Haven was one of those schools.

Katie Couric interviewed Max on the 10th Anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster.

I decided to reach out to Max and his Mom, Sondra, and see how they were doing so many years later. I become close with the students that I work with as an Independent Educational Consultant. I relish the opportunity to keep up with my students after they go to college and even beyond.

So we finally connected which took a while since Max is studying for the LSATs and planning on going to Law School to pursue Entertainment Law to continue his dreams. We had lunch, and reminisced about high school and the college process, and everything we did together. It was good to talk with Sondra and see how her life is moving forward. It is especially rewarding to see how Max’s education helped him fulfill his dreams. I know his father is looking down and would be proud of the great young man he has become. I am delighted to have been given a chance to be a part of his life, in a small way. I thank Max and Sondra for keeping in touch with me – this is such a treasure!

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