Whitman College

Whitman College – Walla Walla, WA

whitman-college-2 The best description of a good fit Whitman student came from Director of Admission, Adam Miller. He said a Whitman student mirrors Pomona in academics and Pitzer College in activism, so a Whitman student is an “idealistic activist.” Whitman students think it is “cool to be smart” and they are more collaborative than competitive. Every freshman reads the same set of books for their common core courses much like a Great Books School, and a senior Capstone synthesizes the differences well. The sciences, especially Molecular Biology and Biosciences, are extremely strong here but, on balance, the Theatre and Music programs are also highly regarded. Biology, Psychology and Sociology have the largest current enrollments. Spokane is 3 hours away so students stay close to Walla, Walla,”the sweet onion capital of Washington State.” There are quaint eateries in town with art galleries and outdoor music. The majority of students hail from in-state, Oregon, Utah and California. The Whitman College Outdoor Program is highly developed. Over 180 incoming freshmen do the “Scrambles” orientation trip and other offerings include white water kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and telemark skiing. There is an intense rock climbing wall and some programs are even offered for credit. Tamarack House is the outdoor adventure themed living house on campus. Walla Walla is a town so nice they named it twice, and is recognized as one of the “top 100 small town arts communities” in America.

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