Lynn University

Lynn University – Boca Raton, Florida

Where can you attend a small liberal arts school and become a Commercial, Private or Professional Pilot or a Certified Flight Instructor among many other jobs in the Aviation Industry? Lynn University has a solid College of Aeronautics.

Where does your core curriculum include the Dialogues, a special group of classes that blend the liberal arts and professional studies? These courses are taken by every student on campus. They’re designed to add a level of soft skills that employers are hungry for in the students they are looking to hire? See this article by AAC&U: What’s In a Dialogue? Lynn University’s Core Curriculum Explores Big Questions

Where can you find a group of faculty so engaged in teaching students that they are not tenured? The progressive and caring faculty constantly innovate their curriculum to meet the needs of their Gen X students.

Where can you find a school literally without textbooks? Lynn went to a full IPad program in 2013 with the assistance of Apple. They’ve been proclaimed an Apple Distinguished School four times since then. Their innovative classes are all delivered anywhere on campus on I Pad Pro 256 models.

Where can a student with Learning Differences be well-supported? The Institute for Achievement and Learning is a thought leader in this field, and prepares all levels of students to be self-sufficient in their college learning careers and beyond.

Where can you find Affordable Pathways where students can complete their undergraduate degrees in 3 years? There are 460 students currently enrolled in this program at Lynn.

Where can you find a renowned 750-seat Conservatory of Music on a liberal arts campus? The Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center was built in 2010. It served as the site of the third and final 2012 presidential debate.

Where can you find a Hospitality Management Major with a Food Service Operations program? We had a “Taste of China” presentation with their Head Chef which was outstanding. They are located near Florida’s strong tourism business.

Where can you find strong Division 2 sports in the Sunshine League? Lynn students won 23 National Championships including soccer and baseball.

Where can you find a University President and a Vice President of Student Affairs who play in a rock band?

Where can you find a University with a student body that is 20% International?

Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida!