Virginia Tech

v-tech-1Virginia Tech – Blacksburg, VA

This campus is a spectacular one and the buildings are made of Hokie Stone, a native limestone found throughout southwest Virginia! There is a huge main quad called the “Drillfield” around which all university life revolves and this is where the “April 16th Memorial” is located, outside of Burruss Hall. New Jersey is the state sending the 2nd highest amount of incoming freshmen after Maryland, and the top three most popular academic programs for freshmen are 1) General Engineering, 2) University Studies (undecided) and 3) Biology. An unusual feature of Virginia Tech is their Corps of Cadets which numbers about 1,000 students. They are only one of three public universities to still have a corps along with Texas A & M, and North Georgia College and University. School spirit is incredibly high and the colors of maroon and orange are sported everywhere along with the “Hokie” Bird who originally was a gobbler transformed. My favorite Virginia Tech story has to be while I was getting lunch in their “Grab and Go” facility in Kelly Hall before meeting up with Gary Jackson, our NJ Rep in Admissions. I was fumbling for cash in my wallet when an unknown student came up behind me, swiped his card to pay for my lunch, said, “Have a lovely day!” and ran off into the afternoon sunlight. I thought that spoke volumes about the kind of students they have at Virginia Tech!